Who is the BNF and BNF for Children app for?
The app is for healthcare professionals working for the National Health Service in the UK, who need practical, independent and evidence-based medicines information. See?Terms and Conditions?for full details about who is eligible to download the app.

Can I use the app for commercial purposes?
If you wish to use BNF content (including the BNF & BNF for Children app) for commercial purposes, you will need a licence. For more information email

How do I update the app?
Clinical content is updated every month in line with other online updates to BNF Publications. Each month an updated version of the app, containing all BNF and BNF for Children content, is available to. The app will prompt you to download the new version when it becomes available. To remove the need to download updated content manually, use your device settings to automatically update the app every month.

How do I know when the content in the app was last updated?
The date of the last content update will be displayed on your app underneath the search bar of these sections: Drugs, Summaries, Medical Devices, Borderline Substances and Wound Care.

An ‘Updates’ date can also be found in the ‘About’ section of the app. This date reflects the last time the app was updated on your device. It does not represent the last time the clinical content was updated.

Use and navigation

How do I find the content I am looking for in the app?

BNF content includes drug monographs, treatment summaries, medical devices, borderline substances and wound care.

Use the search function or the A to Z list to browse each section, or to expand your search across all sections, underneath your search results select ‘Search the rest of the BNF app’.

How do I change between BNF and BNF for Children content?
You can switch between BNF and BNF for Children content by selecting the publication you would like to search; for this purpose, use the dropdown in the top right-hand corner of the app to move between publications. Your selected option will be remembered by the app until you change it.

From July 2020, BNF and BNF for Children content is colour-coded to aid navigation; blue represents adult and pink child content.

What is evidence grading and how do I switch it on?
Where possible, recommendations made in BNF publications have been evidence graded to reflect the strength of the recommendation. This feature aims to support clinical decision-making based on the best available evidence.

Evidence grading can be switched on or off within the content pages in the app. The option you choose is remembered by the app until you change it. When turned on, the evidence grades assigned to recommendations are displayed within the content.


Who can download and access the app?
The BNF & BNF for Children app can be downloaded by healthcare professionals working for the NHS in the UK.

How do I find and download the app?
The App can be downloaded from the App Store? and Google Play.

Will I be able to download the app outside of the UK?
The app is currently only available in the UK.

Can I access the app offline?

You do not need to be online to benefit from the full app functionality and access all available content. You only need to be online when downloading the latest monthly content update.

Technical details

Which mobile devices does the app support?

The app is available on iPhone? and iPad? (operating system 11.0 and above) and Android™ devices (operating system 7.0 and above).

For security purposes the BNF app does not support unbranded Android™ devices. For the best experience, accessing the BNF app using a device from a recognised brand, running the latest operating system version is recommended.

How do I report technical issues and feedback?

Use the ‘Get in Touch’ app function.

For?technical queries, email with the details of the device and operating system used. To help us respond most effectively, relate your enquiry to the specific scenario you encountered.

For feedback and queries related to clinical content, please email To help us respond most effectively, relate your enquiry to the specific scenario you encountered.


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